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ከ«ጃሙና ካሽሚር» ለውጦች መካከል ያለው ልዩነት

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((GR) File renamed: File:IN-JK.svgFile:IN-JK (1954-2019).svg Criterion 3 (obvious error) · From October 2019, the state represented in the map was declared dissolved. Now, there is a new territory with the same name, but different region. As such, this map stands outdated.)
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[[ስዕል:IN-JKJammu and Kashmir in India (1954de-2019facto) (disputed hatched).svg|400px|thumb|ጃሙ እና ካሽሚር በሕንድ]]
'''ጃሙና ካሽሚር''' በስሜን የምትገኝ የ[[ሕንድ]] ክፍላገር ናት። በ[[ፓኪስታን]] ወይም በ[[ቻይና]] ሥልጣን ባላቸው ክፍሎች ላይ ደግሞ ይግባኝ ይላል።
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