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ከ«የንቅያ ጸሎተ ሃይማኖት» ለውጦች መካከል ያለው ልዩነት

Requesting speedy deletion (Spam). (TwinkleGlobal)
(The previous article didn't talk about the Nicene Creed as it was supposed to. A muslim vandalized it and tried to spam readers by advertizing his/her apologetics website.)
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(Requesting speedy deletion (Spam). (TwinkleGlobal))
Tag: Reverted
የንቅያው የሃይማኖት ጸሎት ወይም የእምነት መገለጫ (ጽር. Σύμβολον τῆς Νικαίας) በ፫፻፲፯ ዓ.ም. በሠለስቱ ምእት ተደንግጎ በኋላ በ፫፻፸፫ በቍስጥንጥንያ ዓ.ም. ተሻሽሏል ። የተሻሻለው መግለጫ የንቅያ ጸሎተ ሃይማኖት ወይም '''የንቅያ-ቍጥንጥንያ ጸሎተ ሃይማኖት''' በመባል ይታወቃል ።