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አባል:Purbo T


This is a bot account.

What ever happens, Purodha, the bot owner, is responsible.

The bot program itself is running on the toolserver which is run by the German Wikimedia Foundation. The bot program is under control and operated by Purodha, who is also ksh:User:Purodha in the Wikipedia of Ripuarian Languages.

What is the bot currently doing here?

  • Waiting for work.
  • Ocasionally adding or updating interwiki links.

What did the bot already do?:

  • Tests regarding Category:መንታ_መንገዶች-Articles, i.e. እ.ኤ.አ. disambiguations on European years.
  • Add a bunch of those disambiguation pages.
  • Add and update interwiki links.

 Also we have:

For questons and suggestions, please write to Purodha in the Wikipedia of the Ripuarian languages.
Thank you.

ak:User:Purbo T