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Allows a medal list to include multiple competitions, e.g. Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championships, National Titles, Goodwill Games, Paralympic Games, etc.

Usage Example

[ኮድ አርም]
የሜዳሊያ መዝገብ
Olympic Games
ወርቅ 2000 Sydney 400 m
Commonwealth Games
ነሐስ 2006 Melbourne 400 m

The table on the right is produced with the code below:

{{MedalSport | [[ስፖርት]]}}
{{MedalCompetition|[[Olympic Games]]}}
{{MedalGold  | [[2000 Summer Olympics|2000 Sydney]] | 400 m }}
{{MedalCompetition|[[Commonwealth Games]]}}
{{MedalBronze | [[2006 Commonwealth Games|2006 Melbourne]] | 400 m }}