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ውክፔዲያ ውይይት:ብልግና

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English translation[ኮድ አርም]

  • 1. While this Amharic wikipedia is used especially by persons who can speak Amharic;
  • 2. While most of the persons from among them who can speak Amharic, are found within Ethiopia;
  • 3. By all the measure that pornography is illegal within Ethiopia;


  • 1. Pornographic images are not permitted on this wikipedia.:
  • 2. External links leading to pornography on this wikipedia ar:e not permitted.
  • 3. Anything disturbing the fine character of the people is prohibited as in Ethiopian laws. However, information of an artistic, literary or scientific character that is not intended only to deliberately stimulate sexual instincts, is permitted.

Penalties[ኮድ አርም]

On the basis of Ethiopia's 2004 AD Penal Code (Criminal Justice), since all pornography is forbidden, anyone who violates this law can be punished with 6 months to 3 years. In addition, there may be a fine of 10 to 10,000 birr on it. But in an aggravated situation (for example if they trade in it routinely), the imprisonment will be for at least a year. (Chap. 4 "crimes committed against fine character and family")

But before this, on the basis of the penal code issued in 1957 by Emperor Haile Selassie I, although this kind of pornography was prohibited as today, the punishment however was less than now. From that time until 2004, the penalty according to seriousness is from 10 days or 1 birr, up to 3 years or 5000 birr. [1] (pdf)

Moreover before 1922 AD, according to the Fetha Negest a person who cajoles for adultery could have his nose cut off.

Here on wikipedia, we can't imprison or charge anyone a fine. Nevertheless whoever violates the rules listed above -- meaning all who disturb the fine character of the encyclopedia -- can be blocked. The block is done by any admin. Therefore the time of penalty (block) will begin at 10 days according to seriousness, as in the 1957 code. And those who do it repeatedly will be blocked beginning from 30 days. It is moreover proper for the admin to quickly delete the material.