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[ኮድ አርም]

I have learned a little bit more about Sumerian pronunciation, since I wrote this, not too long ago. There is a sound or letter that nobody is 100% sure how it was pronounced, but it is usually written by Sumerian experts as Ġ ġ - that is, G g with a dot over it. It is thought to be some sound similar to G () - such as a guttural, aspirate, or glottal; or possibly even the nasal sound of 'Ng' - but exactly which sound is uncertain. Some people transcribe it as 'Ng'. When I saw the Ġ ġ, at first I wrongly assumed this symbol represented the sound of J (). The name of this article subject begins with the letter Ġ, and so I rendered it in Amharic as ጁሹር,.. But now that I know it is closer to, but not identical with ገ, it would be better to use the letter ጝ (which is unused in Amharic) for this sound, and to spell it as ጙሹር. Cheers, ፈቃደ (ውይይት) 15:34, 16 ሰፕቴምበር 2010 (UTC)